Klaartje Scheer

Klaartje Scheer

When she was a child, Klaartje Scheer [Eindhoven, the Netherlands, 1959 ] lived with her family in Africa, in Burkina Faso. Two donkeys walked around the house, and there was also a three legged giant turtle, that would take her for a ride. She caught grasshoppers to feed the tame rhinoceros bird, and she learned to watch out for scorpions.

Back in the Netherlands again there were a lot of animals. She made illustrated stories about them. They were combined with the piano compositions of her mother to become small books.

Klaartje didn’t finish secondary school, because she preferred to draw. She started working in a zoo. Meanwhile more and more stories piled up in her head, stories that wanted to become books. That’s why she went to the art academy of Sint Joost in Breda. She designed an alphabet and presented her first book, De toegang is gratis (Free Entrance). A story with clear graphic illustrations and a hare as the main character.

After graduation she continued studying illustration in London, and she also learned for becoming an art teacher in Arnhem. What followed were eventful years when family life, drawing practices and work as a teacher were combined. In this period Klaartje specialized in making pictograms, logo’s and signboards. This specialization, because of its simplicity and precision, helped her to find back her book-image-language.

Now Klaartje lives with her husband in an old bakery in Breda, with the former flour attic as her atelier. Next to drawing she gives lessons in music, image and movement.

Her two children are grown up and the animals have all gone, but all creatures that once played a role in her life, now find a place in her books.